The First Hungarian brand where every single product is…


gluten free

egg free


dairy free

soy free

100% natural

cane sugar free

corn free

Our delicious products


Coconut yogurt

Our coconut yogurt and smoothies contain 7 different types of pro and prebiotics, which helps to maintain proper digestion.

Ice creams

Our premium ice creams are coconut milk based ice creams in 17 different flavours. The product line received the Product Excellence Award of Year 2017 in Hungary. Healthy&delicious pleasure, from the highest quality ingredients.

Chocolate and Hazelnut spreads

The Royal family of guilt free desserts. 100% natural spreads from ecuadorian chocolate, piemont hazenut, and peruvian cacao beans .


Vegan cream cheese and Nacho dip, without any preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Our artisan cakes are made every day freshly by our professional confectioners. Every single delicious cake represents our passion for healthy and real food.

Creamy desserts

Finally we created a creamy dessert line that can be included in any healthy diet. Caramel, Strawberry and traditional Tiramisu!

Blog/ News


“Gasztronómiai Oscar díj”-at nyertünk! Hideg Nyalat a Great Taste Award-on


Hatalmas elismerést kaptunk a világ egyik legnagyobb és legszigorúbb gasztronómiai versenyén a Great Taste Award-on.   Az Angliában megrendezésre kerülő versenyen az ízben és minőségben megbízható termékeket díjazzák. A szakmai zsűri a gasztronómia területén jeleskedő 400 független szakértőből: neves gasztrokritikusokból, Michelin-csillaggal kitüntetett szakácsokból, patinás áruházak beszerzési igazgatóiból áll össze, akik mintegy 12 772 termékmintát kóstoltak ...

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Hideg Nyalat arrived to Sziget Festival!


    Even on Sziget Festival you can cool yourself down with a delicious Hideg Nyalat ice cream! You can find our Paleo & Vegan ice creams in 7 different flavours at the food truck of Waffle Dog!

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Where can I buy the Hideg Nyalat products?


At the moment we have 172 resellers all over the country (in Hungary). 65 partner in Budapest and the rest in the countryside. Most of our resellers are bio shops, bio wholesalers, diet stores, coffee shops and restaurants. On our website you can find a “store search” function.  

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Our visit at the Liu brothers


We also wanted to grab the opportunity to show our respect and appreciation to the Liu brothers (Olympic champions in ice- skating) and congratulate for their amazing achievements! Therefore we visited them with a big package of Hideg Nyalat treats.

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Fruteiro® fruit pulps


  I am sure you already realized this weird product name in our product line: Fruteiro de Brasil fruit pulps, doesn’t really sound as a Hideg Nyalat product right? To eliminate any confusion let’s have a closer look on these amazing products.  

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he flavour of this summer: Pina Colada with blue spirulina extract


Pina Colada ice cream sounds already pretty interesting, but we manged to make it even more special and spice it up with some blue spirulina.  

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